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19/20 Sep 201645 Years (15)

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Andrew HaighUK 2015 104mins Excellent:23%, Very good:33%, Good:25%, Average:16%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
26/27 Sep 2016Rams (15)

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Grímur HákonarsonIceland 2016 93mins Excellent:28%, Very good:37%, Good:30%, Average:4%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
3/4 Oct 2016The Daughter (15)

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Simon StoneAustralia 2016 96mins Excellent:15%, Very good:32%, Good:30%, Average:14%, Poor:10% Comments3.2
10/11 Oct 2016Our Little Sister (PG)

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Hirokazu KoreedaJapan 2016 128mins Excellent:24%, Very good:43%, Good:20%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
24/25 Oct 2016 No film. Original scheduled film has been postponed to 20/21 Mar 2017
31 Oct/1 Nov 2016Dheepan (15)

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Jacques AudiardFrance 2015 115mins Excellent:26%, Very good:31%, Good:27%, Average:11%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
7/8 Nov 2016

AGM at 7:45 on the 8th
Everest (12)

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Baltasar KormákurUK 2015 121mins Excellent:31%, Very good:31%, Good:23%, Average:11%, Poor:4% Comments3.7
14/15 Nov 2016The New Girlfriend (15)

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François OzonFrance 2014 108mins Excellent:14%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:16%, Poor:6% Comments3.2
21/22 Nov 2016Mademoiselle Chambon (12A)

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Stéphane BrizéFrance 2009 101mins Excellent:15%, Very good:26%, Good:45%, Average:13%, Poor:2% Comments3.4
28/29 Nov 2016Hail Caesar (12A)

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Ethan Coen, Joel CoenUS 2016 106mins Excellent:25%, Very good:21%, Good:19%, Average:27%, Poor:7% Comments3.2
9/10 Jan 2017Spotlight (15)

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Tom McCarthyUS 2015 128mins Excellent:63%, Very good:26%, Good:11%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
16/17 Jan 2017Alice in the Cities (15)

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Wim WendersGermany 1974 110mins Excellent:12%, Very good:16%, Good:43%, Average:25%, Poor:4% Comments3.0
23/24 Jan 2017Mustang (15)

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Deniz Gamze ErgüvenTurkey 2015 97mins Excellent:25%, Very good:37%, Good:33%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
30/31 Jan 2017Love and Friendship (PG)

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Whit StillmanUSA 2016 93mins Excellent:23%, Very good:12%, Good:32%, Average:18%, Poor:15% Comments3.0
6/7 Feb 2017Youth (15)

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Paolo SorrentinoItaly 2015 124mins Excellent:24%, Very good:22%, Good:27%, Average:21%, Poor:6% Comments3.3
13/14 Feb 2017Julieta (15)

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Pedro AlmodóvarSpain 2016 96mins Excellent:42%, Very good:24%, Good:27%, Average:5%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
20/21 Feb 2017Embrace of the Serpent (12A)

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Ciro GuerraColumbia 2015 125mins Excellent:14%, Very good:21%, Good:36%, Average:19%, Poor:10% Comments3.0
27/28 Feb 2017Victoria (15)

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Sebastian SchipperGermany 2015 138mins Excellent:18%, Very good:21%, Good:29%, Average:15%, Poor:17% Comments2.9
6/7 Mar 2017The Danish Girl (15)

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Tom HooperUSA 2016 119mins Excellent:45%, Very good:28%, Good:18%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
13/14 Mar 2017Sing Street (12A)

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John CarneyIreland 2016 106mins Excellent:40%, Very good:32%, Good:19%, Average:7%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
20/21 Mar 2017Much Ado About Nothing (PG)

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Kenneth BranaghUK 1993 111mins Excellent:38%, Very good:32%, Good:23%, Average:5%, Poor:1% Comments4.0

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